Established in 2003  Our strong presence at the Wongamat Beach and Pattaya Bay area will provide you with a complete quality property listing database at the best locations.
Increasing property values  at Pattaya’s prime beachfront property locations. These properties are just getting more and more valuable as time passes. Some of the reasons are steadily rising cost for land, construction and labor; limited prime beachfront space and the fact that this is mostly a cash market where an economic stagnation is waited out and sales continues upon the next economic boost. Thailand and Pattaya in particular has always been a favorite and lucrative place to be and to invest.

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Marketing your property  is our business. We advertise in local magazines and newspaper and participate in property fairs. We recognize all professional property agents as our alliance to serve customers in a greater network. For that reason we are a charter member of the real estate broker association Eastern Seaboard and a member of the Real Estate Broker Association of Thailand.

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